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About Cavendish Dental

Cavendish Dental Claremont is a family-friendly dental clinic operating in the Southern Suburbs. We specialise in various dental procedures using advanced dental technology while providing efficient care to patients of all ages. Our aim is to help you on your journey to a healthier, brighter and more confident smile.

Dr Jaco Meyer and Dr Elizabeth Cockcroft are co-founders and partners at Cavendish Dental Claremont. They were afforded the opportunity to carry on the history of the practice by retired Dr Stansfield, who served his patients for many decades in the Southern Suburbs community.

We are a committed team of talented professionals ready to assist you with all of your dental needs, whether you require a basic dental check-up or an advanced restorative procedure.

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Meet our Team

Dr Jaco Meyer

Dr Jaco Meyer

Co Founder & Dentist

Dr Jaco Meyer is a passionate and experienced Dentist with particular interests in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry, Clear Aligner Therapy, Dental Aesthetics and Endodontics. He first fell in love with the profession due to its roots in Science and Biology, while still requiring an artistic nuance.

Dr Meyer completed his undergraduate degree at the University of the Western Cape and furthered his education with a Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry soon after. He is also currently completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) and has a special interest in saving even the most compromised teeth.

Since graduation, he has spent many hours engaging in continuous education to remain current on topics and procedures and has firmly committed to practising evidence-based Dentistry. He enjoys growing his knowledge through courses, seminars, mentorship programmes and formal training. As a member SAAAD (South Africa Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry), NEXUS Dental Education Group and RIPE Global, Dr Meyer stays up-to-date with the latest trends in Dentistry locally and internationally.

Dr Meyer has been fortunate to have had exposure to the latest advancements in Dental technology from the start of his career. Prior to his time at Cavendish Dental Claremont, he gained valuable experience and mentorship working as an associate Dentist in advanced dental practices in Bloemfontein, Milnerton and Sea Point. In his opinion, excellence in Dentistry can only be achieved through remaining current with the ever-changing technology within Dentistry.

Digital dentistry has made patient care comfortable, precise, simple and most importantly, repeatable and with a lot less gagging. As such, Dr Meyer has invested in furthering his understanding and ability to utilise Digital Dentistry in daily practice. He has completed training at both entry-level and intermediate levels in the CEREC system, offering patients a much more involved approach to ensuring quality care.

Dr Elizabeth Cockcroft

Dr Elizabeth Cockcroft

Co Founder & Dentist

Dr Elizabeth Cockcroft has been an integral part of Cavendish Dental Claremont over the years. Her primary focus is family-oriented Dentistry and helping create a positive dental experience for all her patients. As a firm believer in minimally-invasive dentistry, preventative care forms the foundation of her practice and approach to dentistry.

Born in Cape Town, Dr Cockcroft decided to acquire her dental degree from the leading dental institution in the Western Cape, the University of the Western Cape, and went on to complete her Community service year in Macassar, Somerset West.

During her time here, she worked closely with the Macassar community, and developed a love of treating patients holistically. As a young Dentist, she strives to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and materials available to offer the best patient-centred care. Dr Cockcroft holds great value in further education and continues to attend numerous courses and events, including the Bridge Programme.

Dr Cockcroft enjoys taking time to educate her patients on best oral health practice, ensuring that they are well informed and in control of their dental health. She especially enjoys working with children and has a special interest in Paediatric Dentistry, as these formative years are crucial to ensuring patients have a healthy smile throughout life. Her strong family values have greatly impacted her family-oriented approach to Dentistry.