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Crowns are artificial or false tooth caps that fit over a damaged tooth, restoring its shape and function. Dental crowns can improve the appearance of broken or damaged teeth while ensuring a functional and healthy smile.

Why do I need a crown?

Crowns are a popular restoration treatment used in many cases, including:

  • To protect a severely damaged tooth
  • To cover a large filling
  • To hold a bridge in place
  • To cover broken, chipped or discoloured teeth

What materials are used for crowns?

The most popular materials for crowns are porcelain and ceramic. These are both durable materials that can be made to match your natural tooth colour, making a seamless transition.

We specialise in creating custom ceramic crowns at our onsite laboratory using advanced 3D modelling technology. These crowns are cut and made to size for same-day appointments.

How are crowns prepared and inserted?

One of our experienced practitioners will first prepare the natural tooth to receive the crown. The tooth is filed down before we take a digital scan. Then, the scan is sent to the lab, where your crown is made. This unique 3D technology creates a custom ceramic crown to fit your natural tooth.

Once the crown is ready, it is fitted onto the natural tooth. After assessing the fit and function, we cement the crown onto the tooth.