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Paediatric Dentistry

The Cavendish Dental Claremont team are dedicated to caring for all teeth, milk teeth included.

First Visits

We see little ones as soon as their milk teeth start developing. Starting frequent dental visits early allows children to become used to the experience and develop a trusting relationship with us.

The primary purpose of our first visit will be to introduce your child to the dental practice and practitioners and to start the process of monitoring your child’s teeth and jaw development. In addition, we will ask you a few questions about your child and answer any queries you may have.

Regular Check-Ups

Even though baby teeth fall out as your child grows, it’s still important to keep them healthy and check them regularly. We advise that children be brought for bi-annual check-ups and cleanings.

Our goal with regular visits is to focus on prevention, monitoring and cleaning your child’s teeth. We provide gentle cleanings that ensure the teeth and gums stay healthy.

Paediatric Dental Procedures

Besides regular dental care, baby teeth often experience damage or infection and require specific procedures to maintain their health. Therefore, we provide a range of services to treat and maintain baby teeth.

Fissure sealants: We apply fissure sealants to molar teeth with deep grooves. Sealants add a smooth layer that fills in gaps and grooves to prevent bacteria from becoming trapped and causing decay.

Fillings: Baby teeth are more prone to decay, so fillings are a common procedure to help restore function to a decayed tooth. After removing the dead tissue and cleaning the tooth, we add a ceramic filling to seal it.

Crowns: Baby teeth that are severely damaged require crowns to keep them protected. Our onsite laboratory uses 3D modelling technology to create custom ceramic crowns for same-day procedures.

Extractions: In instances where baby teeth cannot be saved, we use extraction to remove them. The gaps left behind can be filled with a space maintainer or crown to ensure normal growth until the permanent tooth erupts.