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Endodontic treatment focuses on saving and repairing the natural tooth where possible.

What is root canal therapy?

When bacteria enter the centre of the tooth, it can lead to infection and requires root canal therapy. This occurs when a cavity is left untreated, or a tooth is cracked from damage.

Root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp to save the natural tooth.

What are the signs of infection?

You may not know you need root canal treatment at first, so it’s essential to contact us should you start to notice anything abnormal.

Signs you can look out for include:

  • Constant tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to varying temperatures
  • Swollen or inflamed gums
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • A loose, chipped or cracked tooth

What happens during root canal therapy?

Our first step in treating your symptoms is taking digital X-rays to determine the extent of the damage and the best treatment method going forward. Once we establish the root canal therapy plan, we can begin the procedure.

The practitioner will numb the tooth and surrounding area using local anaesthesia. If you have concerns or anxiety about the procedure, we can discuss our various conscious sedation techniques beforehand to help you feel at ease.

One of our expert practitioners will head the procedure and explain the process to you. We use a dam to isolate the tooth and keep it dry before cutting into the centre of the tooth to access the pulp. Our specialised dental tools allow us to remove all the damaged tissue through the incision hole.

Next, we thoroughly clean the pulp and canals to ensure there are no more bacteria or infected tissue. Gutta-percha is a flexible rubber-like material that is used to fill the canal to properly seal it and ensure it does not become infected again.

The tooth is then sealed, and we will either use a filling or crown to protect the tooth while it heals. Our advanced onsite laboratory with modern dental technology allows us to perform the entire procedure in one appointment.