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Sedation Techniques

Conscious sedation allows us to provide pain-free and relaxing dental procedures to patients of all ages.

What is conscious sedation?

Despite the advancements in dental technology and treatments, many patients still have anxiety about visiting the dentist. We aim to ensure your comfort during each visit but understand that local anaesthesia may not be enough to curb your fears.

Conscious sedation provides various levels of sedation to help you feel relaxed during your treatment.

What are the different types of sedation?

There are three intensities of sedation that we administer.

  • Light sedation allows you to feel relaxed while still being alert.
  • Moderate sedation may cause you to feel groggy. You will be awake but have little memory of the experience and will require someone to take you home after the procedure.
  • Deep sedation will only keep you semi-conscious, but you may fall asleep. Because of this, deep sedation is not always considered conscious sedation and is rarely used for dental procedures.

How are sedatives administered?

The type of sedation you receive will impact how we administer it.

  • Inhalation: Nitrous oxide is a light sedative inhaled through a mask, with the effects wearing off immediately after the procedure.
  • Oral: Medications can provide light to moderate sedation, depending on the dosage, and are taken orally. 
  • IV: We use an intravenous drip to administer moderate sedatives. The drip is attached to a vein in your arm and can be adjusted during the procedure to provide more or less sedation.

Who should receive conscious sedation?

We ensure that all patients are aware of our sedation techniques before each procedure. If you experience dental anxiety or fear around dental procedures, let us know, and we will establish a sedation plan that suits your needs.

Patients who are incredibly uncomfortable, anxious and nervous will benefit from conscious sedation. Little ones who struggle to sit for long periods or who fear dental visits can also benefit from our techniques.